Re-Fitting The Royale's Generator Compartment


A Dometic Portable Digital Inverter Generator -Model LW3000 installed in the 23' GMC Birchaven's small cabinet.
More information about this Onan replacement project

Jim Bounds: We're also installing a system in RC's new generator compartments but before we do that, we need to design those compartments that are holding those new Dometic briefcase generators. With the 23' coach compartment done, we're working on the air exhaust plenum that will direct the hot exhaust air to the original generator door louvers.

Keeping the pressure up, the guys yanked the 6K Onan out of his 26' Royale yesterday. Yea, sorry but we didn't spend any time seeing if that lump of coal would fire, if RC wants reliable power it's sad to say but the ole power drawer is long past it's reliability curve. They are already working the generator compartment to retrofit 2 Dometic generator in the spot!

We received word yesterday from the outfitting of the wireless remote and fuel connection mods for the units-- the internal "wobble diaphragm pump will pull more than 12" of vertical hose so it looks that no outboard fuel pump will be needed.

6KW Onan to be replaced by 2 Dometic Portable Digital Inverter Generators
We're putting a marine-style primer bulb pump just as "belts and suspenders" but connecting to the coach fuel tank (parameter 8) looks good. The wireless remote will turn on and off the unit, will also pull the choke for the time needed plus turn on and off the standby idle mode and turn the AC outlets on and off.
Wow, what a remote! Now we just need to be sure they will stay cool and get the 2 in a 26' Royale's compartment.